2019 TT - anyone going to the Isle of Mann?

  • Hello from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    I hope all of you VRCC friends are doing well. I have missed coming to the European InZane the last few years. Hope to see some of you again soon.

    My friend Thom from Chicago (Chrome Dome) and I are going to the 2019 TT at the Isle of Mann, May 23 to June 7.

    Anyone going this year? Let's meet over there if you are going.


    mobile 404 509-4403

    Cheers: Rocket: 8th)

  • Andy

    Yes, September will be good. Let me know your plans.

    Sorry I didn't mention Isle of Mann sooner.

    I just read Beer's history of the VRCC (some of it) and was thinking about you and Beine a lot. I hope you are well and look forward to seeing you in September.